The Brand

At Lubulona we create wooden toys that encourage kids to play creatively, build their own little worlds and tell their stories. We love minimalist designs, we love the smell and the touch of wood, we love colouring our world and we love coming up with new ideas. All our products are designed and manufactured in Barcelona in collaboration with Europe-based suppliers. We use natural beech and maple wood and non-toxic stains and glue. Our range includes urban-style construction toys, little wooden vehicles as well as building blocks and stacking toys.

We are Lubulona

We are Tina & Jordi: Barcelona-based entrepreneur team, parents of two boys and founders of Lubulona. Tina is the creative motor of the brand. She takes care of product development and the brand’s social media presence. She also spends a lot of time with a paint brush in her hand, turning wooden objects into colourful toys. Jordi takes care of the communication with our providers, stockists and distributors. He processes all orders and makes sure that our products arrive safely at their destinations. Apart from that, he also helps out at production and packs orders.

Lubu Town

Our first product was ‘Lubu Town’, our modern wooden toy city. Lubu Town is a toy that inspires kids to be little archtitects and construct their own buildings and towns. During the design phase of Lubu Town, we gave 3- to 6-year-olds different prototypes to play with. Based on our observations during these play tests, we then re-designed and adapted the prototypes. The final product is a versatile, creative and very intuitive toy, combining construction with symbolic play and allowing kids to choose how to play and with what to play.

Toys without labels

Giving kids only specific toys narrows down the possible benefits they can experience from playing with different types of toys. Boys tend to be given more construction-related toys or toy cars, whereas girls are generally given dolls or toys related to symbolic play. Construction toys promote spacial awareness and mathematical understandings, whereas symbolic play can be very beneficial for children’s ability to emphasise with others. Why let toy marketing and gender stereotypes decide which toys children should play with? At Lubulona we prefer to give children a choice.

Safe & Sustainable

All our toys comply with the European standard for toy safety and are CE marked. We only use wood stains and glue that is EN 71 certified and therefore totally safe to be used for toys. We believe there is definitely enough plastic in this world and there is no need to add more. All our toys are made out of natural high quality beech and maple wood and we use environmentally friendly cardboard boxes for our packaging. At Lubulona we say NO to plastic wherever possible. The fact that all our products are produced entirely in Europe also helps the environment, because transport distances are kept to a minimum.