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Modern Wooden Toys

Lubulona toys are designed and created with a lot of love and dedication and are made to inspire creativity and free play. Our construction set Lubu Town allows kids to build and rebuild creative urban constructions. Lubu Town is an eco-friendly toy for both boys and girls from three years onwards. It comes with modular stackable houses and little toy cars with matching wooden figures. All pieces are manufactured in Europe and assembled and painted by hand in Barcelona.

Wooden toys made in Europe

Made in Europe

Wooden toys Water based paints

Water-based paints

Safe and non-toxic

For Boys & Girls

Natural beech wood

Our Toy Philosophy

Lubulona stands for educational toys with a unique and modern style. Safety and sustainability are high priorities to us, we therefore make sure that all our products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We use natural beech wood and produce entirely in Europe. We are committed to making toys that promote the development of important skills and abilities and help children discover their true potential. Lubulona toys are versatile, gender-neutral and loads of fun to play with!